Challenges & Solutions

With MC’s high-performance flow-improving and plasticising admixtures, as well as our air-entraining agents and stabilisers, you can accurately control your formulations for a wide range of cements and application requirements, delivering maximum outcome reliability for your customers. Our comprehensive range of admixtures offers the ideal solution for every requirement, from terraces and industrial floors to bridges and cooling towers. 

Classic liquefiers/plasticisers

Creating reliable and robust concretes in the mid-performance range

For decades, MC’s classic liquefiers and plasticisers have successfully optimised ready-mixed concrete formulations both technically and economically, due to their reliability and robustness. Centrament plasticisers are applied in the factory in order to achieve concretes of the F3 consistency class. For a higher level of concrete consistency and quality, MC’s Muraplast superplasticisers offer a wide range of performance features and application versatility.

High-performance superplasticisers

Concrete optimisation across the board

The PCE-based MC-PowerFlow high-performance superplasticisers demonstrate extensive capabilities in every core requirement of ready-mixed concrete manufacturing and application. Short mixing times facilitate high volume outputs. The significant improvement in fluidity and long-lasting effectiveness means the concrete can be adjusted to each site’s specific requirements before it even leaves the factory.

MC-PowerFlow delivers concrete with outstanding application and compaction properties. The result: high-quality, high-appeal concrete components with an exceptional surface finish.

Robust mid-range plasticisers

The perfect combination of flow improvement and formulation resilience

The ongoing development of conventionally plasticised concrete from easy-flow to self-compacting has led to its properties being further enhanced with ever faster on-site placement.

This is possible thanks to new aggregate and admixture combinations, with MC’s ultra-high-performance polycarboxylate ethers (PCE) making the final link in this development chain. However, their highly sensitive reaction to changes in concrete feedstocks demands a considerable degree of care and product knowledge. As a result, there has been increasing industry demand for high-performance superplasticisers that offer greater resilience in both their handling and their interaction with other concrete admixtures.

MC-TechniFlow 30 is a special product that can be added to the mix on site with no incompatibility problems arising and regardless of which plasticiser is employed to mix the concrete in the factory.

Air-entraining admixtures

Controlled creation of microporosity

Air-entraining admixtures can be used to achieve higher resistance to frost and de-icing salt attack. They create escape passages for water and de-icing solutions as volumes increase in freezing temperatures. Without specifically entrained micropores, this phenomenon leads to damage to the concrete structure, resulting in well-documented problems of spalling at the surface.

MC’s portfolio of air-entraining agents includes various ingredient combinations that can be used to individually adjust your concrete formulations to prevent such damage. Centrament Air air-entraining admixtures generate very fine micropores that become evenly distributed throughout the solidified concrete. A technological innovation for such applications, Centrament Airpolymer contains prefabricated polymer particles in the form of hollow microspheres. Reliably distributed throughout the fresh mix, these create spherical voids in the solid concrete into which the freezing water can expand.

Admixtures for high-specification concretes

For concretes aligned to maximum performance and resilience

Centrilit admixtures enable concrete to significantly exceed standard requirements, whether flexural and compressive strength, density or resistance to corrosive and otherwise harmful substances. Centrilit improves the durability of the concrete components, their surface quality, the coloration of the concrete and the cost-efficiency of the manufacturing process. In turn, this opens up new design possibilities to enhance your proposition to architects and clients.

Cleaning and maintenance

Removing stubborn deposits with ease

MC’s cleaning and maintenance products can be relied upon to remove rust and oil stains, efflorescence and cement residues, as well as other deposits, from both concrete surfaces and construction equipment. MC-Rost Ex for rust, MC-Entoeler for oil and our Donnitil universal cleaner range all reliably remove such contaminants. Even in the most stubborn of cases, these high-performance solutions are effective, cost-efficient and easy to apply.

Effective mixer protection

Concrete and mortar residues wiped out

Equipment that comes into daily contact with fresh concrete or mortar, such as mixers, ready-mix trucks and transporters, site tools and steel formwork, requires the right protection to ensure its long-term viability. Ideally, an effective mixer protection coating should be applied to any item likely to have its lifespan shortened by fresh concrete or mortar adhering to its surface.

Our mixer protection products from the Intaktin range are ready to use, solvent-free and easy to spray on, ensuring simple but effective cleaning. Regular usage creates a protective film, providing added protection against equipment corrosion.

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