Challenges & Applications


The visual appearance of a concrete surface is significantly dependent on the concrete formulation and the placement process employed.  There are also a number of other external influences that play a part – such as the mix of ambient temperature, humidity and the sun’s radiation, not to mention the curing and protection of the concrete.  Practitioners know that things rarely go as smoothly as clients might wish.  So, if concrete defects occur, it is good to know how these can be corrected with relative ease.  Nafuquick and Emcefix, the advanced concrete cosmetic systems from MC, are ideal for reinstating or creating the desired appearance.  And if a repair has to be carried out quickly and simply, the products from the Nafuquick range are extremely effective.  Where the concrete surface has to be absolutely immaculate, the concrete cosmetic systems of the Emcefix range comprising bond coat, coarse filler and fine filler are the answer, with the option of an exceptionally fine finish using superfine fillers from MC.


Unwanted colour differences, fogging, clouding and other common defects encountered in fair-faced concrete tend to detract from its overall appearance.  With the retouching and glazing products from MC, you can reinstate the natural appearance of the surface without adversely affecting its overall character.  Repacryl is the product of choice for such applications.  It can be used for local retouching and also as a full-faced concrete glaze.  With the three different miscible and water-dilutable shades from Repracryl, it is possible to achieve virtually any concrete tone and cover ratio.  And to ensure that the retouched and glazed concrete surfaces retain their fair-faced appearance, subsequent surface treatment with impregnating hydrophobic agents from the Nisiwa line or with an MC-Color Proof protective coating is highly recommended.

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