Senior partner Hilde Müller dies

Nov 21, 2017

Hilde Müller, senior partner of MC-Bauchemie, passed away on 9 November 2017, a few days before her 95th birthday.

Together with her husband Heinrich W. Müller, she founded MC-Bauchemie and actively contributed to the creation of a modern, international company from these early beginnings. While in the early years Heinrich W. Müller was responsible for sales development, Hilde Müller managed the company's finance and accounting department. Even when her sons Claus-Michael and Bertram joined the Executive Board, she remained dedicated to MC with her unfailing modesty and discretion. Consistently prepared to relegate her personal concerns to the back of her mind, she was both balanced and positive in her influence. She thus played a decisive role in the successful establishment and expansion of our company.

With her winning personality, natural authority and social responsibility, she served as a paradigm for us all.

At an intimate family ceremony, Hilde Müller was laid to rest this weekend.  

Senior partner Hilde Müller dies
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