New surface protection system MC-Color

May 31, 2016

Conventional coatings are often inadequate when it comes to satisfying a combination of different requirements – such as emphasising the character of the concrete, adding colour to a structure’s surfaces, providing anti-graffiti protection or additional crack bridging. With MC-Color, MC-Bauchemie has developed a completely new surface protection programme comprising three product lines and nine products. Each of these exhibits not only outstanding technical performance characteristics but also especially optimised application properties, thus ensuring that the right solutions can be found for the various problems encountered in surface protection applications.
MC-Color is a modular system. The product lines MC-Color Proof, MC-Color Flair and MC-Color Flex offer ultra-modern surface coating solutions with which individual challenges relating to the protection and colouring of concrete surfaces can be readily overcome. With the pure, pro and vision variants available within each product line, clients, specifiers, planning engineers, architects and applicators are sure to find a tailored solution to their specific requirements. All the products are water-repellant, open to vapour diffusion, carbonation-retarding and resistant to UV, soiling and weathering. The performance features increase from pure (“standard”) through pro (“professional”) to vision (“high-end”) so that these products can be specifically selected to meet the needs of different applications. All the products can be applied using both the roll-on and airless spray processes and are certified to EN 1504 Part 2.
Transparent protection, highly effective and easy to clean

With its product line MC-Color Proof, MC offers ready-to-use, trans-parent coatings for structural surfaces, with vapour-permeability and carbonation-retarding properties rising from pure (sd values: H2O = 0.2 m; CO2 = 75 m) via pro (sd values: 0.27 m; 222 m) through to vision (sd values; 1.2 m; 645 m) in a steep progression. All products also exhibit very low dirt pick-up. While MC-Color Proof pure is suitable for the impregnation of component surfaces and as a transparent primer for subsequent varnishing, MC-Color Proof pro scores high as the only transparent yet fully fledged concrete protection coating on the market. MC-Color Proof vision is a polyurethane-polymer combination that dries to a transparent matt and hydrophobic finish with integrated easy-to-clean technology. Thus, in addition to the properties available with the pro version, the vision variant also offers permanent and durable anti-graffiti protection.
Coloured coatings with excellent colour tone stability and extremely low dirt pick-up

The product line MC-Color Flair comprises three pigmented coatings characterised not only by their outstanding protective properties but also by their excellent colour tone stability, extremely low dirt pick-up and impressive cost-efficiency. MC-Color Flair pure is a ready-to-use copolymer dispersion featuring core shell technology for low dirt pick-up or, in the case of the MC-Color Flair pro variant, extremely low dirt pick-up. In this product line, too, the polyurethane-polymer combination in the vision variant offers integrated easy-to-clean technology and highly effective, durable protection against graffiti and tagging. It exhibits outstanding values in terms of its vapour permeability (sd value: 0.8 m) and resistance to carbonation (sd value: 677 m).
Coloured protection with high crack-bridging properties

MC-Color Flex offers flexible pigmented coatings for the protection of weather-exposed external concrete surfaces, with crack-bridging down to -30°C. This product line is characterised not only by its outstanding protective properties but also by its cost-efficiency, being applied in two coats rather than three or four. The crack-bridging classes extend from pure via pro to vision across the range A 2 to A 4 and B 2 to B 3.1 – excellent values and all confirmed in numerous tests. MC-Color Flex pure is a ready-to-use, pure acrylate dispersion with low dirt pick-up. These same properties are also available – in optimised form – with the variant pro in combination with a soft roll structure. MC-Color Flex vision exhibits high dirt pick-up resistance, resulting in an improvement in surface appearance. In addition, this variant also scores high with a very good balance between elongation and tensile strength, even at low temperatures.

The new MC-Color surface protection programme offers clients, specifiers, planning engineers, architects and applicators outstanding technical performance characteristics and optimised application properties.
The new MC-Color surface protection programme offers clients, specifiers, planning engineers, architects and applicators outstanding technical performance characteristics and optimised application properties.
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