• C2 TE according to EN 12004-1
  • flexible
  • single component
  • excellent adhesion and workability
  • thixotropic consistency
  • for interior or exterior use, walls and floors
  • for tile-on-tile refurbishment
  • for large-format floor tiles


  • M 21 is a high-quality cementitious adhesive for installing floor and wall tiles. It can be used in tiling of interior and exterior areas and for bonding ceramic, porcelain or homogeneous tiles to a wide range of substrates.

  • M 21 possesses high tensile adhesion strength, long open time and improved flexibility making it an ideal adhesive for a wide range of application including direct tiling on liquid-applied waterproof membranes. M 21 is a single-component tile adhesive and usage of additional latex is unnecessary. 


  • M 21 is certified as class C2 TE adhesive according to EN 12004-1. It also fulfils the requirements of EN 14891 when used in combination with MC Proof DF 9.


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