• exceeds EN 12004 requirements
  • C2 TE S1 according to EN 12004
  • no additive or latex required
  • excellent adhesion and workability
  • thixotropic consistency and highly flexible
  • for interior or exterior use, swimming pools and pool decks
  • for tile-on-tile refurbishment
  • for almost every kind of tiles


  • M 23 HP is used for installing ceramic, homogeneous, porcelain stoneware, terracotta or mosaic tiles for floors and walls. It can be used for fixing insulation or light-weight building boards, glass bricks as well as light-weight blocks. Its excellent workability also allows the efficient installation of large-format tiles.
  • It is especially designed to withstand the strains of permanently stressed areas such as swimming pools, pool decks, facades, balconies, terraces, kitchens in hotels and hospitals, laboratories, showrooms, automotive service centres, etc. M 23 HP is also suitable for tile-on-tile refurbishment.
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