• Low-viscosity polyurethane based duromer resin
  • Short reaction time
  • Durable bonding
  • Fulfils requirements of the DIBt-leaflet “Evaluation and effects of construction products on soil and ground water” (11/2000)
  • Flame resistant (material class B2 according to DIN 4102)
  • REACH-Assessed exposure scenarios: periodical water-contact, application


  • Reinforcement of ballast by gluing of aggregates without impairing its drainage capacity
  • Improving the positional stability of highly loaded gravel along railway tracks, e.g. at lane crossings, in curves, at shunts
  • Protection of gravel shoulders during conversion work and track renewal
  • Bonding and sealing of gravel and split surfaces to increase the load capacity, to colour or against plant growth


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