• Low-viscosity polymer reactive injection resin double chamber cartridges
  • Excellent injectivity
  • Fast reaction
  • Foams limited in mixture with water
  • High strength
  • Durable water tightness against high pressing water
  • High chemical resistance
  • REACH-assessed exposure scenarios: long-term water contact, periodical inhalation, application


  • Ductile-elastic sealing and filling of cracks, joints and cavities in building construction, underground and civil engineering under dry, water-bearing and pressurized water conditions
  • Sealing of concrete and masonry
  • Sealing of sheet piling and slotted wall pits
  • Sealing injection of leaks in manhole ring joints, pipe penetrations, socket joints
  • Sealing of pipe and liner connections to manhole structures of wastewater infrastructure


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