• Ready-to-use 2-component epoxy-based duromer resin
  • Thixotropic, stable, putty consistency
  • Good adhesion on dry and humid mineral, metallic and ceramic surfaces
  • High tensile and compressive strength, rapid development
  • Applicable at very low temperatures
  • Curing under water
  • Comfortable processing of double chamber cartridges with MC-Fastpack Power-Tool
  • High chemical resistance against acids and alkalis
  • REACh-assessed exposure scenarios: periodical water-contact, periodical inhalation, application


  • Glueing of concrete and steel (e. g. anchors, mounting parts)
  • Glueing of adhesion packers for injection (e. g. MC-Surfacepacker LP)
  • Sealing of cracks at injection jobs, closing of cracks and flat joints
  • Closing / levelling of bore holes, pores and cavities (epoxy filler)
  • Small-scale coating repairs
  • Permanent connection of CIPP liners and manholes


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