• Extruded from specially compounded PVC in accordance with BS 2782
  • Designed for use in water retaining and water excluding structures to provide a lasting watertight seal in construction and movement joints
  • Full range of profiles and sizes to suit all requirements
  • High quality PVC for long term durability
  • Prefabricated junctions to simplify and minimize on-site fabrications
  • Centrally-placed profiles come with pre-punched eyelets for easy and secure wire tying to reinforcement
  • Able to withstand high hydrostatic pressure


  • Water retaining structures:
    Reservoirs, dams and spillways, swimming pools, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, etc.\
  • Water excluding structures:
    Basements, underground car parks, tunnels, retaining walls, exposed suspended slabs, roof slabs, etc.
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