• Two-component, polyurethane resin filler
  • Permanent flexible, crack bridging
  • Watertight, osmose consistent
  • Good resistance against acid and alkaline solutions, resistant against biogenic sulphruic acid corrosion
  • Processible with trowel and leveler and therewith usable in vertical and overhead areas
  • Usage on dry mineral based substrate without primer possible
  • Good adhesion to non-mineral substrates, brick, pottery, metall and ombran FT/CPS
  • Adhesions to CIPP-liner, PVC and PE-HD possible


  • Rehabilitation of tapers in case of dynamic loads
  • Coating of shaft rings and taper areas of manholes
  • Sealing material for manhole frame joints
  • Integration/annular gap sealing of tube entrances and pipe penetrations in accessible structures
  • Permanent elastic sealing of cracks, clefts and joint sections in accessible sewage systems


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