• Four-component, heavy-duty, HACCP certified, polyurethane 7 - 12 mm floor topping
  • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance (see Chemical Resistance Chart)
  • Hard-wearing floor system for high chemical exposure, abrasion and heavily loaded areas
  • Thermal shock resistance floor system
  • Anti-skid and matt finish offering versatility in performance and aesthetics
  • Bacterial and fungal growth resistance
  • Solvent-free
  • Withstand service temperature between -50 oC to 150 oC


  • Food industry production areas, bakeries, dairies, breweries and butcheries
  • Chemical processing areas and containment areas
  • Heavy-duty engineering process areas, freeze rooms, warehouses, loading bays and logistics areas
  • For kitchens under oily & slippery service conditions


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